november blues

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I tried to ask questions today

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tried to walk around obstruction

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push in colors, dropletting face skin

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I wanted every single one of my happinesses

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And I think what kind of allowable things

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my book belongs to me too

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Another template for drawing blood, just wait


//  [un]grateful always to devereux for laying the skin to this book  //

move breathe sleep

I went to DC to attend Split This Rock despite a hell of a hectic schedule around the close of spring semester. It was well worth it. With Muriel Leung, I co-ran a workshop session on play and pedagogy. It was energizing: we moved, swayed, scribbled, colored, marked, tore, asked questions, and tried to make sense of the places from which poetry can originate. Then monsters, and slaying them, and mutating them, and accepting.

Some things in me loosened up, and then a day later, I was back in Louisiana, too far away from all this:


Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 11.22.14 PM.png